Monday, July 8, 2013

Anyone with geldings........

Anyone with geldings knows.......... that as soon as you start cleaning a sheath, the planets will align and every neighbor with inquisitive kids and the church groups from 7 counties will NEED to come for a visit at that very moment. You may not ever have a visitor and be 50 miles from the closest neighbor, but that sweet old neighbor lady next door is going to want to borrow a cup of sugar or an egg when you just cant stand the crusty-willys out in the pasture any longer. It's inevitable.

This morning a close friend and I were talking about sheath cleaning and having quite the giggles over it. I just had to go dig up "The Sheath Cleaning Song". Somewhere is the same version Sang, but i couldnt find it.. just sing along in your head, or if you really want to creep out your coworker in the next office or cubicle, sing it out loud. Bet you cant do that without laughing!

**If your at work, or have people looking over your shoulder, now might not be the best time to play the song, as it may be alittle graphic to the non-horseperson. Your boss may not appreciate the entertainment value in it nearly as much as you do!**

All kidding aside, sheath cleaning IS one of those things that needs to be done if you have geldings and just one more reason why I prefer mares. I have a feeling, that I'm going to be meeting all the neighbors this afternoon.

Beanee Weenees anyone???