Saturday, July 6, 2013

About Juanita

Welcome to my corner of the internet world.  I’m Juanita, the “Opinionated Mare".  I have a few addictions: Horses, Energy Work and Aromatherapy. Yes, they are addictions.  I have spent all of my life owning horses, working in the horse industry and dragging home all kinds of critters to take care of, fix up, or find a new home... often to my husbands dismay.
I attended an Equine Massage School in California over 10 years ago, and that started opening up doors to a more natural way of life and the world of essential oils. Profession-wise, I guess you could say I’m mostly along the lines of an Equine Wellness Consultant- with certifications and/or extensive training in aromatherapy, numerous forms of massage therapy, podiatry, nutrition, saddle fitting, kinesiology and bio-mechanics for the horse and rider thru dressage and more balanced "holistic horsemanship" style that fits any breed and discipline.  There is so much more to it, but if we stop and think, that is the foundation of where everything else builds from with a horse. 
This blog was created for all the  ”huh? whats that" and "how do i remedy this?” and “you do WHAT?!?!” Its been a long time coming, but a product of necessity and a place to organize it all. I'll update and post blogs as i have them more finished.